Please enjoy your visit to the Fundy Trail Parkway at your own risk. As this is a natural wilderness environment, sturdy footwear is always recommended. Please be cautious of wildlife, and always give them space and do not approach. Dogs and pets must be kept on a leash at all times for the safety and comfort of other hikers, the park wildlife, and the dogs themselves.

The parkway consists of chip seal. Motorcyclists and cyclists, please be aware that there may be loose chips in areas. The parkway is a shared roadway; when driving, please be cautious of hikers and cyclists.

Hikers be aware that tide levels and weather conditions may affect your ability to hike safely, cross streams, or access certain areas of the park.

So you can feel comfortable picking a walk that it to your ability, here is our updated trail rating system:




For new hikers- no experience necessary. These are

shorter trails and consist of mainly even terrain, with

minimal hill climbs. These trails may have up to 2 short

staircases/cable ladders.



For new to experienced hikers- basic trail experience

required. These trails may have uneven terrain and may

feature some hill climbs (ascents up to 122 m (400 ft)).

These footpaths and trails may have 2 or more staircases

or cable ladders of up to 150 steps



For experienced hikers- These trails require sturdy

footwear. Hikers should have appropriate gear and

water/food. Trails can consist of uneven and technical

terrain. Hikers may wish to use hiking poles. Trails may

feature long and steep ascents (from 305 to 732 m (1000

to 2400 ft)) and some trails may include river crossings.

Hikers should be aware of weather conditions as rainfall

can affect safe fording of rivers. Trails may have multiple

and/or long cable ladder/stair climbs of 150 steps or