Adopt a Bench Program

Individuals, groups or families may adopt a bench in honour of the memory of a loved one, celebrate a special occasion or simply sponsor a bench. Staff will work with the donor to select a location that meets their needs as well as match the growth strategy of the parkway.

A ten-year contract for a memorial bench is $1500. To begin the process, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is requested along with a completed application form found below. The payment covers the refurbishment and maintenance of the memorial bench for the first ten years, plus a personalized engraved bronze plaque. The commemorative plaque would be mounted in the backrest of the bench. Placement of memorial wreaths, flowers, or other items on or around the bench will not be permitted.


A contract renewal fee of $1000 is charged every ten years to cover the cost of regular bench care and maintenance.  When the set time is up, the donor has first right of refusal on the renewal. If refused or cannot be contacted within 2 months, the plaque would be removed. It is the donor’s responsibility to ensure Fundy Trail Parkway staff has their current contact information.


These benches are crafted in-house by our talented maintenance crew!

Photo credit: Kathy Miller-Zinn

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Commemorative and Donation Bench Program