Low Tide Loop

This 2 km loop takes you through the woods with clifftop views of the Bay of Fundy, before descending onto a tidal beach for your return. This trail has a moderate difficulty rating due to the cable ladder and uneven rocky surface on parts of the beach.

As implied by the name, this loop can only be accessed at Low Tide. Your hiking window is 2 hours on either side of Low Tide. Make sure to plan ahead and check the St. Martins tide charts.


Set off from Long Beach P12 up the cable ladder and head East on the Fundy Footpath (Trail K), toward Seely Beach. This is along the Fundy Footpath trail, so the terrain is rugged. At kilometre 1 you will arrive at a cable ladder. Cable ladders can be quite steep and not always solid under foot- watch your step!

Follow the cable ladder down. At the bottom, take a couple steps to the left and cross the stream, follow the stream bed to the beach. Head West (to the right) back toward Long Beach.

Make sure to stop along the way and explore the neat elements of the ocean floor that are exposed at low tide!

The distance for this trail is measured for the full loop.

* Please note that this trail has a limited hiking window. As a general rule of thumb your window for completing this hike is 2 hours on either side of low tide. The beach section should be completed within that time frame.

Super tides or extreme high tides could shorten the window.

Distance: 2 km
Level of Difficulty: Moderate