Fundy Footpath

Starting Location: Park at P8. Facing the river, proceed to your left along the river. Walk under the Mitchell Franklin Bridge on the Suspension Bridge Trail. Cross the suspension bridge and you will see the sign for the trail head. Follow the footpath to your right. Please note, it is strongly advised that hikers register below, at the interpretive centre or by calling 833-2019 to proceed on this footpath, even if you are only doing a day hike to Long Beach. (The registration is for your safety)

The Fundy Footpath (recently listed in the “50 Best Hikes in the World by Explore Magazine) is separate from the Fundy Trail Parkway although part of it does fall within our park. The footpath is a challenging wilderness trail that starts at the suspension bridge at Big Salmon River and hugs the coastline to the boundaries of Fundy National Park. Four to five days is recommended.

You may wish to check out the Fundy Hiking Trails Association website here. 

A footpath kit may be purchased from our website or at the interpretive centre.

Please be aware that we are a gated park, and the gate lock when the Park closes each evening.



October 17, 2020 is the last day of operation for the Park and the gates will lock for the season. If you choose to hike the Footpath, please be aware that you will not be able to park your vehicle or be picked up in our Park after 5pm on this date. You may park your vehicle outside of either of our gates and walk to the trail head. Please plan for the extra kilometers this will add on to your trip.


Distance: 61 km
Level of Difficulty: Strenuous