Eye of the Needle

PLEASE NOTE: The Eye of the Needle Trail is closed.
As of September 24th, 2022, the Eye of the Needle Trail is closed until further notice due to trail damage from tropical storm Fiona. 


The Eye of the Needle Trail in the Little Salmon Protected Natural Area, is a very technical and challenging trail.  Since it is a linear trail, please remember that what you hike down, you must also hike up (making the trail a total of 2.4 km).

Descending and ascending on this in-and-out trail will involve holding onto chains on a narrow rock cliff edge, carefully navigating several steep switchbacks, and constant awareness of foot-placement and surrounding hazards.

This trail descends 180 metres down into the Walton Glen Gorge, characteristic of a narrow river canyon, with sheer cliffs on either side and the white water Walton Glen Brook running through it. The environment within the Walton Glen Gorge is extraordinary, but respecting the landscape is just as important to your safety as it is to conservation of this protected natural area.

Stay on the trail and use the trail at your own risk. Proper hiking footwear is a must. Sandals and sneakers are not recommended for this hike. Use caution on this trail as there are loose rocks and gravel.

Distance: 1.2 kilometres (One Way)

Distance: 1.2 km
Level of Difficulty: Strenuous