Lumbering Days

This area is located approximately 10 km into the park. When you come to a stop sign near parking lot 6 (P6), turn right and following the parkway which immediately turns a sharp left. This area will be on your right. You may park in the gravel driveway to your right or pull ahead and park in one of the spaces adjacent to the parkway.

Cookhouse: This replica heritage building offers historic pictures demonstrating the type of logging and forest harvesting conducted by the original settlers and lumbering companies in the Big Salmon River and area in the 1800’s.

Heritage Sawmill Display: This static display depicts a portable sawmill that were so common in the forest and an important livelihood to many families during the harsh winters. Men often farmed in the summer and supplemented their income through lumbering.

School Foundation:  This fenced in area contains the last remaining foundation on the property. Walter Foster, New Brunswick’s 17th premier attended school here at Big Salmon River.