Intro to Hiking

Here are a few things to remember

when hiking in the Fundy Trail:


Please ‘leave no trace’ when using the Fundy Trail Parkway and all parks/trails. Make sure to pack out everything that you’ve packed in. This includes garbage, dog waste bags and toilet paper/napkins.


  • Dogs are welcome on the hiking trails of the Fundy Trail but must remain on leash at all times. This is for the safety and comfort of the pet, other hikers and the wildlife in the park. Dogs are not encouraged to hike the Fundy Footpath or the Eye of the Needle trail however this is up to the discretion of the owner. Always clean up after your dog and place poo bags in garbage bins.


  • Please keep to designated paths, walkways and trails at all times in order to minimize the impact on the environment. Thank you for leaving no trace, and only taking photos.


  • Place trash and litter in bins provided or pack it out with you. This includes dog poo bags. Please deposit these in a garbage can.


  • There are many outhouse facilities and several washroom facilities along the Parkway for your comfort, and several pit toilets at designated camp areas along the Fundy Footpath. These facilities are for human waste only, please do not dump trash. If you are not near one of these facilities when nature calls, please find a safe area to step off the trail. When using any trail, hikers should stray at least 50 ft, to 100 ft away from the trail for toilet needs. Stay away from water sources and popular use areas. Please pack out any paper or, if you absolutely need to, make sure it is sufficiently buried.


  • There are inherent risks with hiking and cycling. Please always be conscious of cliff edges or uneven ground surfaces. Please enjoy our trails at your own risk. Always use caution. Sturdy footwear is recommended at all times. Always share your hiking plans with a third party and tell them when to expect your return. Your third party should be available and willing to help you in non-emergency situations. In an emergency call 911. Safety is the hikers’ responsibility.


  • The Parkway is a shared roadway, so please be cautious of cyclists and walkers when driving. Use caution as the road is chip sealed so there may be loose chips in places.


  • Park hours vary throughout the season. Please check park hours prior to your adventure or ask your kiosk attendant upon arrival. The Fundy Trail is a gated park and the gates are locked when the park is closed.


  • The Fundy Trail Parkway is home to many different species of wildlife. Please give all wildlife their space and do not approach the animals. If you are hiking solo, it is recommended to wear a hiking bell so you can alert wildlife nearby of your presence without startling them.


  • If you choose to fill your water bottle from a stream, it is recommended that you use a filter or another water purification method.


  • Please keep in mind that cell phone service is limited throughout the park. We are in a remote location, and phone service cannot be relied upon. Cell signals are often received across the Bay by towers in Nova Scotia. If you must make a call to emergency response, please remember to let them know you are in New Brunswick so they can dispatch the appropriate response team. If you must call due to an injury while without cell service, please remember to take the GPS coordinates of the injured party before leaving to find cell service. After speaking with the response team, please inform the Fundy Trail Parkway staff by calling (506) 833-2019 so we can help them navigate the park.


  • Most of our trails are marked with blue trail markers. Exceptions to this are white markers for the Fundy Footpath sections and yellow markers for Fundy Footpath connector trails. If you encounter any pink flagging tape, please feel free to remove it or ignore it as it was not placed by our staff.


Thank you for helping to keep our park pristine!