Guided Hike & Picnic

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Enjoy a half-day guided hike from along the world-famous Bay of Fundy. You will learn about the rocks, trees and flora and fauna of the area and also will discover the history and culture of the Bay of Fundy. You will be provided with a picnic to enjoy and be contacted for sandwich and beverage choices after you book.

Note:  This is considered a strenuous hike. Sturdy walking boots/shoes recommended. Hike proceeds rain or shine. Dress accordingly. Participants will be required to sign a waiver form prior to the hike. 24 hours advanced booking is required with a minimum of 2 participants.

Cost: $30.00 taxes included

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"Egg Salad" "Chicken Salad" "Sliced Turkey" "Ham & Cheese" Includes: Veggies, fruit and molasses cookies


"Coffee" "Tea" "Lemonade" "Iced Tea"
(Water is included in all)