Fundy Trail Parkway is the perfect spot for your class educational field trip!

If you’re a teacher looking for a great educational experience, why not make plans to bring your students to visit this incredible coastal environment? Students can learn about the why the Bay of Fundy has the world’s highest tides, visit part of Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark, see first-hand some of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve’s Amazing Places, study how a smolt wheel works, learn about the importance of the past and lumbering industry that supplied the timber for the building of the ships during the golden age of sail. 

For additional information or to book your school group, give us a call at 1-866-386-3987 (1-866-FundyTP) or email us at

World’s Highest Tides  

Learn the ins and outs of the highest (and lowest) tides in the world! Explore the ocean floor of Long Beach, on the world-renown Bay of Fundy. Learn to identify plants and critters that live in the tidal zone.  

Fundy Trail Rocks! 

Examine the different eras of rocks that are in the Fundy Trail section of UNESCO Stonehammer Global Geopark! Come see, touch and learn to identify sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks. 

Big Salmon River History 

Gain insight on the beginning days of New Brunswick’s booming lumbering industry by taking a step back in time to the 1800s where lumbermen chopped trees, ran logs down the river and had to break up log jams! See a sluiceway. Learn about Big Salmon River life, schooling and how the community dissolved.  

Amazing Places 

Come explore one or more of the Fundy Biosphere Amazing Places! Your students will see and experience them for themselves! 

Suspension Bridge and Salmon Smolt Wheel 

Cross the scenic suspension bridge with great views of Big Salmon River. Learn about a smolt wheel and how it operates. Understand the importance of monitoring salmon populations and the step by step process to population monitoring. 

All-in-One Fundy Experience 

First time to the park? Not sure what to see? Explore the Fundy Trail’s most loved spots and hidden gems! Walk through history and take in some of the most jaw-dropping scenery as you explore the variety of elements the Bay of Fundy and this special park has to offer.     

To Receive More Information: To book your educational experience with the Fundy Trail, please call (506) 833-2019 or toll-free 1-866-386-3987 or email  

Pricing: Pricing for school excursions is $5.50 per student. Teachers and bus drivers’ admission are complimentary. 

Snacks and lunch: Students will need to bring their own lunches (unless otherwise organized with the Fundy Trail). Lunch may be eaten at Long Beach picnic shelters. In event of inclement weather, an indoor location may be arranged for lunch. 

Tours: Please book in advance to ensure a guided tour. For those teachers who wish to self-guide, there is an information sheet available. 

What to bring: Bring along enough food and water for your party. Feel free to bring cameras etc., however the Fundy Trail Parkway is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Items must be carried with you as there is no locker room to store items including valuables. The Fundy Trail recommends bringing a backpack to carry your belongings.  

Appropriate clothing: The Fundy Trail is an outdoor attraction. Please ensure that all students are dressed warmly and have extra layers in case the weather changes. It is always a good idea to carry rain gear. Please be advised that the weather changes frequently and rapidly.  

Washroom facilities: There are flush toilets located in the Interpretation Center as well as at Long Beach and the Walton Glen Reception Center, with out-house facilities at various locations around the park.