Talks and Tours

2018 Weekend Programming Schedule   
                Saturdays & Sundays   
9:00 AM  Kiosk to Interpretive Centre Shuttle* 
9:30 AM  Interpretive Centre to Long Beach Shuttle* 
11:00 AM  Overview of the Fundy Trail 
12:30 PM Salmon River Trail Loop Guided Walk
1:30 PM  Moose Call and Moose Facts
1:00 PM  Shuttle from Interpretive Centre to Long Beach* 
2:00 PM  Family Program (Saturday) Concert (Sunday) 
4:00 PM  Long Beach to Interpretive Centre Shuttle* 
4:30 PM   Interpretive Centre to Kiosk Shuttle*
Weekends – Long Beach   
1:30 PM  Stonehammer & Long Beach Rocks! 
2:00 PM  World Famous Bay of Fundy Tides 
2:30 PM  Long Beach & Its History 
3:00 PM  Beach Walk & Talk 
*Reservations and $2 fee applies    
Please call 833-2019 by 5 pm the day prior