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Pangburn Beach

Pangburn Beach vertical Just a few hundred feet further up the trail is the Pangburn Beach Lookout. From here you can see Pangburn Beach if you look in the easterly direction. A westerly direction glance will give you a back view of Melvin Beach.

To access Pangburn Beach you must access it at low tide only from Melvin Beach.

Something truly amazing is happening in the Bay of Fundy. Here, the tides are so extraordinary that they have earned the reputation as a world-renowned natural phenomenon. The highest tides on earth fill the bay with over one hundred billion tons of seawater. Waters as high as a four-storey building brimming with diverse marine life. Only hours later, you can stroll on the seabed at low tide. It's an ecological wonder to witness. And what is truly amazing is that it happens twice a day... every day.

To read more about this fascinating phenomenon, visit the Bay of Fundy Tourism web site.