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Fownes Head

Fownes Head 3 As we continue our tour we find ourselves at Fownes Head Lookout. From here we can see spectacular views for miles and miles along the eastern coastline all the way to Martin Head and Fundy National Park. If you have binoculars, this is a good spot to check the waters of the Bay of Fundy for pelagic birds.

From Fownes Head Lookout to our next stop Melvin's Beach Lookout the view is always great no matter what the weather. A photographer will have a problem deciding which are the best shots on this part of the trail because there are so many just waiting to be taken.

Fownes Head 5

Before leaving this area, go for a nice leisurely walk down the stairway to view our Flower Pot Rock which has three lookouts situated for different angled views of this marvel of nature. Stroll along our Flowerpot Rock Scenic Footpath to Melvin Beach.