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When will the Fundy Trail be completed?

The Fundy Trail is expected to be completed in 2018.

How long is the Fundy Trail?

16 km of hiking and biking trails and 19 km of parkway.

Who operates the park?

The Fundy Trail is operated by a non-profit organization, the Fundy Trail Development Authority Inc. The board consists of regional stakeholders.

Where can I see the tides? How do the tides work?

The tides can be seen at various lookouts throughout the park. The tides take approximately a little over 12 hours, six hours in and six hours out. They are approximately 32 feet. Tide Schedule 2017 (62.0 KB PDF)

Are there restroom facilities?

There are twelve outdoor restroom facilities located throughout the park and restroom facilities at the Interpretive Centre.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are welcome on the trails provided they are leashed. Bring them on in to the Interpretive Centre for a treat!

What is the difference between the Fundy Trail and the Fundy Footpath?

  • The Fundy Trail is a multi-use trail that can be seen by hiking, biking, or driving. The entrance gate is located 8 km from the Village of St. Martins and is completed to Long Beach Lookout.
  • The Fundy Footpath is a challenging wilderness trail that starts at the suspension bridge at Big Salmon River and hugs the coastline to the boundaries of Fundy National Park. We recommend you purchase a Fundy Footpath kit (includes maps and tide schedule) by contacting us at 1-866-386-3987 or email