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Interpretive Centre

Interpretive Centre - exterior2At the Interpretive Centre, the rich history of the logging, fishing and shipbuilding community which once flourished here is brought to life.

The building housing the Interpretive Centre is a re-creation of the bunkhouse which once housed the single men who worked and lived here. In the late 1800s and well into the mid-1950s, Big Salmon River was a flourishing logging, fishing and shipbuilding community. Today, almost the only signs that people once lived and worked here are the foundation of the one-room schoolhouse and the remains of the sluice down which logs were sent to the mill. In 2002, introduced was a publication, Trailblazers, an illustrated history of Great Salmon River and its evolution from logging community to leisure community; the story of the pioneers who carved a life from the wilderness, to those whose vision built the Fundy Trail. Now kayaks glide silently up the Big Salmon at high tide past the remnants of the piers of the sawmill and the dock.

Interpretation Centre - interior2The Interpretive Centre houses many displays of original artifacts and old photographs from the era when the paternalistic Pejepscot Paper Company provided housing, a schoolhouse, community centre and even electricity for the settlement at Big Salmon River. Interpretive Centre staff offer presentations every fifteen minutes daily which include providing interpretation of the exhibits of photos and memorabilia of this once-viable community, and a video touching on some of the historical background.

The Interpretive Centre has ample parking, a snack bar selling light refreshments, restroom facilities, a verandah overlooking the Big Salmon River for relaxing, and a small merchandise outlet selling only its own branded merchandise. Fundy Trail T-shirts, bush hats, caps, sweatshirts and tote bags, as well as the Fundy Trail postcards and copies of the bilingual Fundy Trail video and CD are also available. Staff are available to answer questions and interpret the photos and artifacts in the Interpretive Centre.

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