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Phase II of the Park

The Economic Impact of Completing The Fundy Trail

Completing Phase II of the Fundy Trail Project will result in a huge economic impact for the Province of New Brunswick:

Scenic Coastal Route

The completion of the Fundy Trail Parkway will establish a spectacular, scenic coastal link between Saint John, Sussex and Moncton; diverting and retaining “drive-through” rubber tire traffic other-wise heading for destinations east, west or south of New Brunswick.

Mitchell Franklin Bridge

World Class “Signature” Destination

Completion of the Fundy Trail Parkway will integrate the Fundy Trail, Fundy National Park and the Hopewell Rocks into a consolidated group of first-class coastal tourism attractions which, collectively, create a World Class “Signature” Destination Area.

Job Creation

Within ten years after completion of Phase II of the Fundy Trail, the total direct and indirect job creation is expected to reach 750 jobs per year.  This will be the on-going annual level of employment, to continue from year to year.

Tourism ExpendituresMitchell Franklin Bridge

Direct new incremental tourism expenditures are projected at between $22 and $27 million per year upon completion of Phase II.

Completion of the Fundy Trail Project provides major positive economic impacts for New Brunswick.  It offers a retention-oriented cluster of eco-tourism experiences that today’s and tomorrow’s visitors and tourists are searching for… a natural, pristine, coastal destination with appropriate areas, attractions and activities for a wide range of visitor profiles. 

Completion of the Fundy Trail to Fundy National Park will dramatically expand the economy of the entire Bay of Fundy region and New Brunswick, including the gateway communities of Moncton, Alma, Sussex, St. Martins and Saint John, as well as surrounding regions.

Download a printable version of this map ... Phase II of the Fundy Trail (845 KB PDF) (Note this map begins at Big Salmon River - Phase I map can be found by clicking on "The Trail" in left hand side menu).

Phase 2 map